The Great Romantic - Season 2020

“How do we follow an #EPIC season? 

Well, for starters, our focus would have to be on the most important, inventive, and extraordinary period in music… I’m talking about the Romantic Era, of course!

Then, it would be important to find a composer who did it all – symphonies, concertos, operas, oratorios, sacred music, song cycles, chamber music, you name it!

It would be essential to choose a composer whose music inspires musicians and composers across genres to this very day.

The composer we are going to feature is all by himself in this regard, and because of that, he is the “GREAT ROMANTIC”. 

Whatever your view on art and life – whether you live for pleasure, to serve a greater good, whether you are by nature positive, or perhaps it feels as if you will never fall in love (again), this composer will speak to every condition. By the way, on that topic, taking a date, or your significant other to an Orchestra Wellington concert is always a good idea. Leaving one of our concerts never means empty arms in the moonlight. 

Of course, THE GREAT ROMANTIC season is not just going to be about one composer. As per usual, throughout the season we will bring you carefully considered programmes that i hope will entertain and enthral you. More information will be forthcoming as we approach our full-season launch, but I simply must say how honoured we are to be accompanying the great Michael Houstoun for his final concerto appearance. His last-ever concert as a concerto soloist is in a work that says everything one needs to know about this artist’s commitment to his craft. 

We do not take your extraordinary support for granted – in fact it spurs us on to programme the very best in orchestral music. 

I’d like to think that purchasing season tickets to Orchestra Wellington ensures a year of wonderful music making in a great hall, shared with the largest, most warm hearted, and most discerning audience in NZ.

As ever, thank you for your extraordinary support.”

Please join us for #TheGreatRomantic